There is no limit to education and the internet is a great tool to expand our horizons.

We all have different qualities that make us special and these are the qualities that we can use to serve others while serving ourselves. When choosing a career it is important to choose a path that we enjoy and that we are good at. If you have an empathetic personality there are a whole lot of career options for you to choose from that can help other people.


If you have the ability to care for someone being a teacher is one of the best options out there. Not only will you be lending your support to another person but you will also help shape their future. There are many degrees of education available and this will be an awesome starting point for you. Apart from that having other qualifications such as an ADHD behaviour management courses will give you an edge over others and give you the ability to help more people.


his is no easy job but it is one well worth the effort. We all get sick and we need the help of others. If you are interested in the medical field this is the perfect career choice for you. However, the process of being certified requires a lot of studying being a nurse is one of those careers that can make a profound change in a person’s life.


Counsellors come in all shapes and forms. Whether it be a school guidance counsellor or a marriage counsellor this is a career path that is meant for someone who can feel another person’s emotions. With a plethora of paths to choose from you can follow your passions in a way that best moves you. To step into this career you need a degree in psychology. However, there are other qualifications such as autism courses online that can help you elevate your services. The ability to be a good listener is important in a plan to take up this career path.


A writer, musician or any other artistic career would be a dream come true for someone who can feel others. If you have the talent to put down your feelings to words you can make this a career that can help people immensely. You can start this right at this very moment and that is the beauty of this career path.

Or just volunteer

Sometimes life won’t let you turn your passions into careers, but if you really want to serve people you can do this as a volunteer. From something simple as being a visitor at the local hospital to a health worker on the other side of the world, there are plenty of opportunities available and volunteers are in need.

Having passion towards your career can make you a happier person so choose wisely.