Through therapy, you can learn to focus on the here and now, and learn to discover feelings that have been masked or put to the back of your mind. You can discover needs and emotions that have been suppressed, and learn to accept and trust these emotions. Through this process, you can begin to rediscover your sense of self and learn how to become more aware overall of your needs, feelings and emotions.
Past, Present and Future
Gestalt therapy, a form of therapy that focuses on the here and now, is designed to help you avoid becoming fixated on the past or anxious about the possibilities held by the future. It acknowledges that the present is intricately linked to past experiences, and the events of the past are a crucial part of your present state of mind. Therapists may address experiences of the past during sessions, but the main aim of bringing up past events is to discover what factors have triggered the memory to come up, or how you are affected in the present moment by what has happened in the past.
Knowing Yourself
Therapy sessions will not follow any particular or specific guidelines, but rather, the therapist and client will work together to evaluate what is occurring now and what needs to be obtained as a result. Gestalt therapy focuses on your immediate responses, both emotional and physical, and as a result helps you to become more aware of trauma counselling services at Carlton how your emotional mind and physical body are connected. Knowing and understanding your internal self is key to being able to understand why you act, behave and react to things in the way that you do. This form of therapy will help you gain awareness and be able to understand and accept your behavioral patterns.
Once you have learned how to accept yourself and your feelings, emotions, and behavioral patterns, you should begin to find it easier to change those things about yourself that you feel need addressing. You will learn how to trust in your feelings and experiences, and become familiar with the way you naturally respond to adverse experiences. Learning to focus on the present moment will enable you to prioritize your feelings and emotions, and help you stop focusing on bad emotions caused by the events of the past. You will also find that becoming more self aware and learning to live in the here and now will relieve anxiety, as you will worry about the future less.