Depression is one the worst mental disorder one could have because it leads you to the death and make your life worst that you yourself want to end up your life and you always think about the suicidal attempt. Depression symptoms vary person to person but one of the main symptoms is you always want to cry without any reason, you feel fatigued and wither you want to sleep or you are not able to sleep so it varies person to person but the only thing which reduces and overcome your depression is depression counselling.

Depression counselling

Depression counselling from Perth is important for a person who is having this disorder because seeking medical help which means improving your mental health and there is nothing more important than mental health if your mental health is good you can conquer a work but if you don’t have good mental health you are not able to do anything. For example, you are married to the person with whom you were in a relationship with more than a decade and you married to him but the problem started after the few years of your marriage and your love marriage turn into an abusive marriage and because of this you become in depression and you are not even liking your kids you always end up beating them and that is the reason they are also going away from you in that case you need to seek professional help and take depression counselling session who help you out and you should leave your husband for the sake of your mental health.


Exercise is one the best way to reduce depression because it helps your minds and in this way you can take out your frustration as well. there are many types of exercise you can do but yoga is one the best exercise you can do yoga is meditation which you need the most when you are depressed because when you do inhale and exhale if take you out you negative thoughts and refresh your mind and relax your mind because when a person is in depression every part of the body aches and you don’t like anything but when you started doing yoga you feel the difference.

Recall happy memories

You need to recall happy memories which you had this can help you to overcome your depression and make your feel better because when you go for the depression counselling a psychologist always asks when were you last time feel happy and you started recalling every good memory.If you want to seek medical help and look for a professional person who can do depression counselling then you need to visit Fremantle Counselling & Psychological Services because this is the best clinic of Australia and they few branches in all over Australia they have the best professional psychologists and they offer reasonable charges because mental health is more important of the people.