Whatever is happening, it is important you remember that you are here for a purpose. There is no reason to get disheartened by any incident that might discourage you. You can pick yourself up and continue in this life to win it. It is said that a human being learns throughout his whole life. But that is informal learning, where you acquireknowledge through observation and participation. For formal education you go to the school; Even though informal education and gaining of skills through that will help you with securing more wins in the department of life rather than in a career, formal education is mandatory when obtaining a job opportunity at a reputed establishment.

Plan your major choice

You must choose what subject area you would like to be employed in. This will have to be done fairly early in life as it is not easy to change areas of formal education, for example when you go to college. There are, however, opportunities of doing a double major in, say, marketing and accounting if you are interested. But that will all be included in the broad area of business management. Therefore you need to decide on an area to follow in the higher secondary education leading to college. Reflect on your skills; are you good in talking to people? Do you consider yourself as a people’s person? Can you handle things such as bipolar disorder treatment Melbourne?Then perhaps psychology is a suitable subject for you.

Gather information

Whichever subject and major you choose, do your research prior. Study what career opportunities you will have once you are done with school and college. It is also important to talk to people who are in those respective jobs; you can perhaps use a school career day for this. Even if not, you can discuss with your parents about meeting a friend of theirs or relatives who are doctors, legal professionals, engineers and so on. Don’t decide anything from the outside look. You cannot judge a book by the cover; just because it looks enjoyable it might not be so. You will have to ask about remuneration as well. But don’t do the mistake of choosing a career based only on the monetary benefits.

Match your skills with the career

This is an important point. If you go to a career counselor he or she will probably give you a questionnaire to find out what sort of a personality you have. They are trying to figure out for example, if you have an outgoing personality, if you can strike up a conversation with anyone, creative, possess good negotiation skills etc. to decide if you are ready to take up a career in, say, marketing. If you are empathetic, thoughtful about others’ and taking their matters seriously, can look at things objectively,then, perhaps you can become a certified medical psychiatrist. You need to have an understanding about the subjects involved in the pathway to theses careers as well. The job market is very competitive nowadays. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get your ideal job. So it is your duty to prepare for this from early ages and makesure you get the dream job.